You Can Learn and Trade on dough Just Like Tom and Tony!

The founders of tastytrade built dough to be the go-to technology platform for tastytraders. dough makes learning to trade simple, makes the act of trading easier and more visual than it's ever been, and most importantly, provides users with an unparalelled way to experience tastytrade with Tom, Tony, and all of the other tasty personalities!

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@tony_BATtista @tastytrade @doughtrading - dough is AWESOME! I expect with these guys leading the way it will become the BEST available. 


@doughtrading Great website dough folks and TT!!! Very user friendly and contains a wealth of information! Keep up the great work!


Watch tastytrade Live
You can watch tastytrade live from inside the dough platform! Pop out the player for a side-by-side experience you won't find anywhere else.

See Trades Tom & Tony Place
Use the Live Trade Button to see trades exactly like Tom and Tony do. When Tony places a trade on dough during the show, it appears on your screen!

Sync dough With Bob
Are you a Bob Subscriber? You can sync your account with dough to see all Bob's trades alongside other tastytrade traders like Case, Katie and Nick!

Watch Tom and Case use dough

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I love @doughtrading - has turned a trading novice into an overly ambitious daytrader!



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